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$250,000 in prizes to be won The more you buy, the more chances you have to win

$250,000 in prizes to be won The more you buy, the more chances you have to win

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Offer ends 13 February 2016, total prize pool valued at $251,800. NSW Permit NO. LTPS/15/10203, ACT PERMIT NO. TP 15/08442, SA Permit NO. T15/2342, Terms & Conditions apply.

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Our Residential Providers

  • AGL
  • Alinta Energy
  • Dodo Power & Gas
  • EnergyAustralia
  • Momentum
  • Origin Energy
  • Powerdirect
  • Powershop
  • RED Energy
  • Sumo Power

Our Small Business Providers

  • AGL
  • BlueNRG
  • EnergyAustralia
  • Momentum
  • powerdirect
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If your electricity or gas bills are on the rise, you can use our gas & electricity comparison services to compare a range of energy rates from some of Australia's leading Energy providers.

We've provided over 1,000,000 energy comparisons in Australia… and counting!*

*Based on internal data for the period 29 Feb 2012 - 30 June 2015
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